Friday, April 5, 2013

Fabric covered mini-books for ARTe..

Hi everyone..

It is the quick post to show you the mini fabric covered books I created for last month ARTe.

I found one amazing tutorial (folding process starts on 3min30sec) on folding one 12x12 patterned paper into a mini-book measuring 3x3". I had some random patterned papers beautiful but not part of the collections so I decided to try a to create some mini-books with them and I loved it. The result. Clever, fast and original. To create covers I used cardboard cut to size and covered with fabric (similar to canvas with some texture). To decorate I used spray paints/ mists and various stencils (I sprayed fabric first, after it dried I cut and stuck it to cardboard). I stamped images with black ink and attached flowers, leaves, cord, lace and brads with hot glue gun.


I hope you like it.

Have a crafty day everyone,
thanks for stopping by..

Xx Marina..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Digital scrapbooking - Mini-book for grandparents..

Hi everyone,

I am super busy creating present mini-book for our grandparents.. I used to create and give as a present mini-books for 2 years now. This year is not an exception. I am using my speedy scraping tool - digital scrapbooking - i am creating layouts in the Photoshop, printing them on photo paper at home and sticking to thick cardboard mini-book plain pages..

The theme is usual - what my son - their grandson  was doing since last time they have seen him in person. I am telling the story from my son's perspective. Actually "he is telling the story".. I enjoy the process so much .. and we all will enjoy the book later (I am printing one copy for us as well (one more beauty of digital scrapbooking)).

Meanwhile I am busy, have a look at last year book..

 Title pages are protected with clear film.
The book is in Portuguese..

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by,

xx Marina..

Friday, June 22, 2012

Travel mini-album - end of the year gifts for my son's teachers. Simple Stories - Summer Fresh Collection.

Hello everyone..

Today's post is dedicated to my son's teachers Miss Natali and Miss Donna!..

I prepared 2 travel-mini-books for them to record their happy summer memories.
Here is how it looks like:

The mini-book size is 4x6 inches (10x15cm) - which is the size of regular photo print from lab. It's done like this because of the papers I used and because of the convenience.

The gift set consists of mini-book, white gel pen, set of alphabet stickers and word-art stickers, extra pair of large rings.

The pages, which will serve the purpose of divides, look like that:

As you can see, there are space for the smaller photos on the pages as well. (These photos could be printed on demand in any lab). Usually it is 2 copies of the same photo fitted into regular 4x6 print).

There are some envelopes with hidden message cards. Stickers will keep them closed.

All the space on the cards can be used for journaling. The white gel pen could be used on darker backgrounds.

Front and back of the mini-book are protected by transparent film.

The idea of using index cards is taken from here

 Some ideas how to use word and alphabet stickers:

 Word stickers could be applied directly on the photos.

Image source here.

 Alphabet stickers could be aligned ..or could be looking "jumpy"..

Stickers could be mixed (big and small, different colors) 

Or used together with handwriting..

Images 3, 4, 5 source - internet.

 How to insert the photos :

 Update:  I would recommend using wide double-sided tape (I got it from Daiso, not Geant)..

Two regular photos are stuck together using double-sided tape back to back, holes punched in it and photos are inserted into the album. It can take as many photos as you like. In case, mini-book becomes too thick, rings could be changed to bigger ones - very easy. They are in the kit as well.

For example: 

The process should be very straight forward. The mini-book can fit in any size bag.

For those who are interested which papers I used for creating the mini-book:

Simple Stories - Summer Fresh Collection  - I loved working with this collection!!!

I really hope you like my project, if so, please let me know in the comments section!!

That's it for today, thanks for reading, 
xx Marina..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

Hi everyone,

today I would love to show you my craft experiment - Dahlia Flower Brooch made of felt.
I found great tutorial (here). I made the flower using the tutorial on the photo N2. Photos 1, 3 and 4 - my own variations of the flower.

It is not very easy to do, time consuming, but it looks so impressive in real life! Try yourself!! It could be a great handmade gift.

Для моих русскоязычных друзей - читайте более подробный пост в моем другом блоге..

Hope you like it,

thanks for stopping by,

xx Marina.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer vacation and the inspiring ways to preserve summer memories.

Hello everyone..

Summer is on and soon we are off for vacation.. And I am thinking and preparing for recording it. Today I will share with you some of the inspiration I found in the internet about  preserving summer memories ..

I have seen this photo from recent Country Living (US) which I love..

What a great idea to use jars for sand-water collections from the vacation destinations!!..

And after I remembered one similar idea from Mary Ann Moss (she is always so inspiring).

 She said: "For vacation momento, literally bring home a piece of where you visited. (but do not take any forbidden things please) -- I've done this for maybe 20 years -- I collect dirt. Yes, dirt. I scoop a vial of dirt/sand where we visit and they're all displayed in tall skinny vials originally intended for spices. So, I keep the display FAR from the kitchen!!"

Isn't it clever!! I love the seal and imperfect handwritten notes adding the charm to it.

Here is collection of inspiring images -  vacation memory jars - which I found in the net:


7.  -video!!

And here are ideas of using  shadow box :

1.  A composition in the shadowbox with title cut out of photos (source). Tutorial.
2.  Vacation photos on the "stone" stands  (source). 
3.  Maps (vacation destination) cut in the heart shape.
4.  The composition of Darcy Miller in the shadowbox (source). 
5.  Again shadowbox with slight variation - with tiny shelf (source).
6.  Seashells and beach finds display (source).

I hope you have got excited about preserving your summer memories!! What idea is you favorite and I you planning to make one of this memory displays? Let me know..

That's for today,
thanks for stopping by,

xx Marina

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My little secret - How I improve my photos.

Hello everyone!..

I am very excited today to tell you my little secret, one little thing, which helps me a lot with my photos.

I do not have fancy camera :-( , but I do own photoshop.. So the trick is ... Pioneer Woman's actions, which are super popular and which are FREE as well... You can find them here (part 1) and here (part 2) .

Have a look yourself:

 Set 1 

1. A photo straight from the camera.
2. Slight Lighten  
3. Slight Sharpen 
4. Quick Edge Burn 
5. Fresh & Colorful 
6. Lovely And Ethereal 
7. B&W Beauty 
8. PW's B&W 
9. Soft And Faded 
10. Vintage 
11. Boost 
12. Define And Sharpen 

 Set 2 

1. Seventies
2. Colorized
3. Sunshine
4. Heartland
5. Sepia Tone
6. Warmer
7. Cooler
8. Dim the Lights
9. Bring On The Eyes!
10. Sharpen This!

My favorite are: Fresh & Colorful, Lovely And Ethereal, Soft And Faded, Bring On The Eyes! and Sharpen This! (depends on which effect i wish to achieve..). You could apply one action on the top of another, you could reduce effect by reducing the opacity level.. How to use  Bring On The Eyes! and Sharpen This! is explained very well on Pioneer Woman's website. (She is great, check up her stuff!)..

To use these actions you would need Adobe Photoshop. How to install actions you could find here.

Have fun with your photos!!
Thanks for stopping by, xx Marina. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My travel mini-album Part 1 (Finally)..

Hi everyone,

I am very excited today - I want to share with you {finally} my travel mini-album from our last summer vacation  in Portugal 2011.

This one so far (if not count my Project Life) is my and my family's favorite keepsake.

But before, let me tell you, that when I was surfing internet I found (via Pinterest) one beautiful travel album, which at that moment reminded me of my own one (you can check it here). I have got very excited that someone far away had similar ideas, I left the comment there.. Since than I have lots of traffic coming from that site, so finally I am sharing with you my mini-book, as was promised.. I really hope you will like it..