Monday, July 9, 2012

Digital scrapbooking - Mini-book for grandparents..

Hi everyone,

I am super busy creating present mini-book for our grandparents.. I used to create and give as a present mini-books for 2 years now. This year is not an exception. I am using my speedy scraping tool - digital scrapbooking - i am creating layouts in the Photoshop, printing them on photo paper at home and sticking to thick cardboard mini-book plain pages..

The theme is usual - what my son - their grandson  was doing since last time they have seen him in person. I am telling the story from my son's perspective. Actually "he is telling the story".. I enjoy the process so much .. and we all will enjoy the book later (I am printing one copy for us as well (one more beauty of digital scrapbooking)).

Meanwhile I am busy, have a look at last year book..

 Title pages are protected with clear film.
The book is in Portuguese..

Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by,

xx Marina..

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.: riri mahadi :. said...

oh Marina dear ... its been ages since I visit your blog .... everything is so very lovely ... keep on creating girl!! you are one talented lady ... love your works!!!!