Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Mind's Eye projects..

        Всем привет! Хочу показать 2 странички и открытку, которые я сделала по заданию магазина PaperLane.

        Hi everyone, today I would like to show you 2 pages and a card, which I created for a inspiration challenge for PaperLane. And here is how I was creating it:
        I was given My Mind’s Eye Breeze Collection by PaperLane and my first impression was – these are fantastic papers, great for heritage style!!.. Some of the papers already look like finished pages – just to add photos and journaling.. And I decided to take advantage of it.. For both of my pages and a card I used those papers which already have decorative borders, labels and decorations..
        It is one of my favorite scrapbooking styles – heritage style, scrapbooking layouts with black and white old photos and stories from old days and old generations.. I was very lucky to inherit my granny’s photo album, which is a real treasure for me. Now I live in different country and I think it is important for my new family, my son to know what was happening those days and who is on those photos..

       Page “One beautiful spring day”. The story in this page is about one day of spring in 1951 just day before a victory day anniversary. Those years – just after the end of the second world war.. All the men are wearing military uniforms. Tough years but happy years.. My granny with her family – my granddad, my mom and my aunt were living in Ukraine and granny’s brother came to visit them and spend there his holidays. They went to park, played games, had lunch in café and ice-cream. It was a great time – they were very happy.. Title and journaling I decided to do in Russian – this way I could express myself better. I had 7 photos – original size (of course, I made colored copy of originals) and not enough space to accommodate all of them. I could not choose “the better ones”. So I had to come up with something to be able to scrap them all. So like that the flip on the left “was born”. And on the back side of the flip I had extra space for journaling. For title and text I used transparency film which after printing on I attached to page with double sided tape. For title I used Alexandra Zeferino One font and for text – Corona font.

Tools and materials:
Patterned papers: My Mind’s Eye (Breeze “Dream” Stamped Paper, 
Breeze “Precious” Motif Paper, Breeze “Everywhere” Mirrors Paper).
Tools: Blending tool with foam, Distress inks (Antique linen, Vintage photo), 
Transparency film for ink-jet printers, Epson printer,
 Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper (We R Memory Keepers).
Others: lace, ribbon.

       Page “The Letter”. This page came together by itself. I new I wanted to write the text by hand. It is part of the letter which my great aunt wrote to me by my request about history and roots of our family. Envelope and photo of my young great aunt are parts of the context and design. Again I used print on transparency film for the title. Font is Aqualine.

 Tools and materials:
Patterned papers: My Mind’s Eye (Breeze “Fun day” Borderline Paper, 
Breeze “Precious” Motif Paper, Breeze “Everywhere” Mirrors Paper).
Tools: Blending tool with foam, Distress inks (Antique linen, Vintage photo), 
Transparency film for ink-jet printers, Epson printer.
Others: buttons, doily.

Tools and materials:
Patterned papers: My Mind’s Eye (Breeze “Boyish” Handsome Paper),
 Stella and Rose Decorative brads.
Others: ribbon.

       I loved this collection!! It was very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend it to everyone, especially those who loves heritage-vintage styles. 

       Hope you liked it, thanks for stopping by..

      Было бы здорово услышать ваше мнение, всем доброго дня..


Светлана said...

Ах, странички - просто восторг!!! Так красиво, лаконично - очень, очень понравились.

Anonymous said...

love your details on the layouts ... especially the handwritten messages. Beautiful!

Marina said...

Спасибо огромное, Светлана!!! мне очень приятно!!

Marina said...

Thanks Jing, .. I noticed that You love handwriting in general, but some how I do not use it often in your layouts?..

Anonymous said...

Молодец !

Vladimir said...

Это я написал . Молодец !

Hana Atif said...

Amazing layouts!