Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My little secret - How I improve my photos.

Hello everyone!..

I am very excited today to tell you my little secret, one little thing, which helps me a lot with my photos.

I do not have fancy camera :-( , but I do own photoshop.. So the trick is ... Pioneer Woman's actions, which are super popular and which are FREE as well... You can find them here (part 1) and here (part 2) .

Have a look yourself:

 Set 1 

1. A photo straight from the camera.
2. Slight Lighten  
3. Slight Sharpen 
4. Quick Edge Burn 
5. Fresh & Colorful 
6. Lovely And Ethereal 
7. B&W Beauty 
8. PW's B&W 
9. Soft And Faded 
10. Vintage 
11. Boost 
12. Define And Sharpen 

 Set 2 

1. Seventies
2. Colorized
3. Sunshine
4. Heartland
5. Sepia Tone
6. Warmer
7. Cooler
8. Dim the Lights
9. Bring On The Eyes!
10. Sharpen This!

My favorite are: Fresh & Colorful, Lovely And Ethereal, Soft And Faded, Bring On The Eyes! and Sharpen This! (depends on which effect i wish to achieve..). You could apply one action on the top of another, you could reduce effect by reducing the opacity level.. How to use  Bring On The Eyes! and Sharpen This! is explained very well on Pioneer Woman's website. (She is great, check up her stuff!)..

To use these actions you would need Adobe Photoshop. How to install actions you could find here.

Have fun with your photos!!
Thanks for stopping by, xx Marina. 

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