Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer vacation and the inspiring ways to preserve summer memories.

Hello everyone..

Summer is on and soon we are off for vacation.. And I am thinking and preparing for recording it. Today I will share with you some of the inspiration I found in the internet about  preserving summer memories ..

I have seen this photo from recent Country Living (US) which I love..

What a great idea to use jars for sand-water collections from the vacation destinations!!..

And after I remembered one similar idea from Mary Ann Moss (she is always so inspiring).

 She said: "For vacation momento, literally bring home a piece of where you visited. (but do not take any forbidden things please) -- I've done this for maybe 20 years -- I collect dirt. Yes, dirt. I scoop a vial of dirt/sand where we visit and they're all displayed in tall skinny vials originally intended for spices. So, I keep the display FAR from the kitchen!!"

Isn't it clever!! I love the seal and imperfect handwritten notes adding the charm to it.

Here is collection of inspiring images -  vacation memory jars - which I found in the net:


7.  -video!!

And here are ideas of using  shadow box :

1.  A composition in the shadowbox with title cut out of photos (source). Tutorial.
2.  Vacation photos on the "stone" stands  (source). 
3.  Maps (vacation destination) cut in the heart shape.
4.  The composition of Darcy Miller in the shadowbox (source). 
5.  Again shadowbox with slight variation - with tiny shelf (source).
6.  Seashells and beach finds display (source).

I hope you have got excited about preserving your summer memories!! What idea is you favorite and I you planning to make one of this memory displays? Let me know..

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